Davide Sanesi aka Antistatic listens to Dnb for the first time in 2000 and immediately falls in love with it to the point he can't live without it anymore. While driving his car, at home, everything becomes DnB, and so the weekends traveling around Italy to catch the first artists from London that were performing among its clubs.


In 2007 purchases his first Technics turntables. After some performances in Prato, he joins AKME Crew, and with them he starts spinning in rave and private parties, arriving to hit the clubs in Florence and beyond. On February 9th 2012 he officially joins Underground Area.


His sets are eclectic, 360 degrees, from Liquid Funk to the dark side of Neurofunk.


Technique, speed an improvisation are his skills. He created the local event “All Crews”, a local dj showcase and he is always collaborating in every event to keep the Dnb scene alive in Italy.


He also manages a web tv channel Clok On TV, were he shoots videos for events and Djs of the Local and International Dnb and Dubstep scene.