IDM @ Link, Bologna (2014)

IDM @ Viper, Firenze (2013)

IDM @ Brancaleone, Roma (2012)

IDM @ Link, Bologna (2012)

IDM @ Link, Bologna (2011)

IDM @ Tenax, Firenze (2015)

IDM @ Altromondo Studios, Rimini (2009)

There are things that are born for casualty, but then they make history.



Like that day when Ferro walked into the Altromondo Studios, one of Romagna's coast best clubs, to propose a DnB party and instead finds the chance to throw the Festival that nobody every did in Italy. That's how IDM was born, months of team work in collaboration with Fabrizio Bardoni, one of Italy's top promoters, that was the actual  director of the Venue


And it's Altromondo Studios that will be the host, awarded for being one of the world 100's top clubs. On August 7h 2009, on the same stage performed: Pendulum, Aphrodite, Dillinja, Black Sun Empire , Logistics and Fierce, alongside 30 crews from all the country, divided in 3 rooms 100% Drum'n'Bass. Before that, nothing like this ever happened in Italy.


In December the Festival reaches Link Associated, without a doubt Italy's top Drum'N'Bass Venue, the party is long awaited and felt strong by the audience. At the last minute, Goldie and Krust can't join for a flight problem, but the Link's stage will see the performances of D-Bridge , Current Value , Mc Spyda , and a supercharged Hallucinator!




In January Underground Area finally brings Krust in Bologna, for free. The party is indeed named 'The Gift' , hosted by Ca De Mandorli. Before starting his show, Krust takes the mic and talks to the audience, calls IDM promoters out of the responsabilities for his previous missed presence and gifts Bologna's Jungle people with a historic set.


In the summer at Altromondo Studios, the third edition is celebrated, for the occasion Sub Focus, Ed Rush, Shy Fx, Concord Dawn and Mc Tali share the stage, the party is epic but not as good as the previous results, a change is needed. 




After a summerof of stall, the team rejoins and decides to keep on with the project, due to the high potential and the fact that a lost battle is not a lost war. They program 2 editions, both at the Link Associated, first in February and then in December. Storm, Camo & Krooked , Dillinja and Prolix are the main characters: the events both go massive, the bet is won.




Rome, March 17th, thanks to the collaboration of historic Rome's crew Soundgate, IDM enters the capital, Drumsound & Bassline Smith and Audio give a blasting show and the party opens the doors to new editions. After this party, every year IDM will hit Rome. In November we're back at Link Associated with Black Sun Empire (missing from the first edition), and with him Dub Phizix, Strategy, Drs , Skittles & Fox. 2 hours of show that leaves everybody with the mouth open. That winter, Drs gets awarded for 'best mc' at D'n'B Arena Awards , well diserved.




It's time for Florence, IDM has never been in Tuscany, but it's just a matter of time and when it comes, it comes! With the help of the crew Industry, the party is sensational, Dillinja , Dub Phizix , Ferro & Mc Def rock the Viper Club, the night is magic! Only photos and videos remains after that party, but it was really spectacular!


Winter comes, and it's Link Associated again, and the 10th, yes, the 10th edition.


Everything is taken care in the minimun details, an astonishing stage with pro lights system, flamethrowers and a super video mapping, a dancing crew with a performance prepared for the occasion, but mostly, 3 rooms with 100% Drum'N'Bass, it wasn't happening since the first edition and the party hits the record of 2000 people! they are even featured in DJ Mag Italy, with a dedicated page! Drumsound & Bassline Smith present the new album as italian exclusive, then Dc Breaks, Prolix and General Levy together in front of a raving crowd till 7 in the morning, simply unforgettable.




March 8th, Rome welcomes Gridlok & Prolix with their only italian tour gig "Project Trendkill", a total nuke!  With them Benny Page and Rockwell,  really a blast! But the big surpise arrives in the winter. London Elektricity  for the first time at IDM, for the first time at Link, a dream that comes true, an indescrivable vibe, the event features also Optiv, Teddy Killerz, Benny Page and loads of DJs from all over Italy!

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