His Musical career starts as a drummer in 2003, and till 2006 keeps discovering and studying music. In 2006 starts listening Drum’n’Bass and electronic music, buys his first turntables and starts experimenting the new way of expression. The first sets performed live are between 2007 and 2008, when he also starts his career with Underground Area, that quickly becomes his new family. Shortly he starts participating to IDM and Urban Legend, the first Magnetik Festival, Outlook Launch party and a lot of other high caliber events.


He often plays sets at Link Associated (Bologna), known over the country for being one of the top DnB arenas, and it’s here that in 2015 he plays at the first Noisia Invites Italy edition.


In the meantime he starts a collaboration that aims to bring DnB also in the cities on Modena and Carpi with the Underground Area Style. In 2 years with a big team of collaborators, Nitro threw a lot of parties in a lot of important Modena clubs (Mattatoio, Off, Ekidna, Acquaragia, Vox)